Covid-19 and Your Business

Covid-19 and Your Business – Finding the Silver Lining

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented health and economic challenges. As Covid-19 circulates the globe, governments are suggesting we use social distancing/isolation as a method of slowing down its spread. Working from home and avoiding contact with others reduces physical proximity with not only friends and family, but also with colleagues and clients.

Although it is easy to become swept up in newsfeeds and future forecasts, staying busy is a great way to remain optimistic. As a bonus, this positive attitude will also benefit your business. 

Where to begin:

In terms of Covid-19 and your business, the onus is on you to stay in touch with your clients. With social isolation, this requires a virtual connection. With the downtime you may be experiencing, if you aren’t up to speed already, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with technology and utilizing online and social media as an important channel to preserve and grow your business. Don’t know where to begin? Ultimate Academy® offers both a  LIVE Virtual Classroom and an Self-Paced E-Learning/Home Study  version of our Digital Marketing course.

You can learn how to communicate effectively with your clients, as well as how to develop a marketing plan that incorporates today’s digital marketing techniques, as well as strategies for content creation, customer engagement, and social media branding. The important thing is to be productive with your time; try new marketing strategies, dive deeper into digital networking, or tweak your social media.

It is important to stay focused on your clients. Adapt and be flexible. See this challenge as an opportunity to experiment with different social media platforms; “be open to exploring, testing and refining ways to reach out and connect with your customers and potential customers”.

Answer every client’s concern with transparency, even before the question is asked. It is also a great idea to share on social media, the smart steps your business is taking regarding Covid-19.

Remember too that your team will be feeling the loss of a “regular” working relationship. It is important to communicate with them on a consistent basis. As colleagues, as well as human beings, social isolation necessitates a need to replace physical proximity with virtual connections.

Communicate face-to-face as much as possible “to prevent losing that nuance”. Plan virtual meetings, both for business and pleasure. Utilize technology to collaborate remotely and again, take the opportunity to use the internet to test out different tools and platforms. Kevin Roose from the New York Times stated, “if there is a silver lining in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems”.

Learn to Pivot:

This potential downtime provides you with a great opportunity to explore new ideas. Regarding Covid-19 and your business, are you able to offer your services virtually? Or are there other products or services that you can offer? Can you deliver additional value in a virtual way? Everyone has something to offer; channel your creative energy into developing the answer to a new niche in your market. “With fewer outside demands, this could be an opportunity to share your talents”.

Mark Cuban agrees with this idea of pivoting, “Since you [potentially] have holes in your schedule, it’s a great time to experiment with new lines of business and see what sticks”. He recommends too, to “focus on how you can use this time to connect with your future customers”. The important thing is to embrace your ability to adapt and be flexible.

Remain optimistic:

Keeping a positive attitude is beneficial for your business, as well as for you. Begin your day with gratitude; list either mentally or in a journal, everything that you are grateful for. Focus on what has not changed, such as your family and friends, your home, and your health.

This is not the first time you have been faced with a challenge; there have been many other situations that you have successfully handled, that began with an unknown outcome. Again, list these either mentally or in a journal. It is important to focus on your accomplishments; ones in which you set out not knowing how it would end. Keep these examples as references, for whenever you feel the need for a mental boost.

Taking a proactive and positive approach in this unprecedented challenge is no different. By remaining positive and productive, you can use this time to learn new skills and try out new ideas.

Regarding Covid-19 and your business, it is imperative to stay connected. Reach out to your clients as well as you colleagues; replace physical proximity with virtual connections. 

Remember, you have handled previous challenges, you will successfully handle this one too!

If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688


If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688