Learn How To Protect Your Business Idea

Knowing how to protect your product or service will enable you to reap the benefits of your time and investment in your business idea.

You’ll learn all about intellectual property and how to obtain the rights to your idea through copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

If your dream is to expand and grow your business, knowing how to protect your business idea is crucial
right from the start. We’ll provide you with the information needed to protect and expand your business with full confidence!

Run Your Business with Confidence

Once you have tested your business idea, conducted market research, developed a business plan and established funding – where do you go from there? As part of our program, you will learn the core aspects of running a business effectively.

From managing positive cash flow, to maintaining inventory, to facilitating customer care, to attaining suitable business insurance, we will highlight and discuss the key components every business owner must know to run their company.

A business owner may have a solid product or service, but if organizational and planning skills are not fostered, and the day-to-day components are overlooked, the business may not be able to flourish to its true potential. 

Part of efficiently running a business is finding and hiring the right people, which is why we cover the hiring process by highlighting key steps such as posting a position on a job board, conducting interviews, and reviewing candidates.

Building Your Team

Hiring Employees Versus Contractors

Should I hire an employee or is it best to hire a contractor or subcontractor? What is the difference between them, and which role is the right one for my company? These are two questions many business owners will ponder.

In Entrepreneurship 101, we will explore the different options, roles and responsibilities of hiring employees, contractors, and subcontractors, as well as the contexts that call for one role over the other. We’ll discuss the benefits of working with each role and how to navigate the relationship between business owner, employees and contractors.

As your business expands, hiring staff becomes imperative. You will want to make sure you set up each new employee in a professional manner. To ensure you have the foundation of knowledge needed to facilitate this process, we will cover topics such as payroll deductions, the different types of registration and submission requirements, insurance coverage, including Worker’s Compensation, and more!