How To Outshine Your
Competition as a Decorator

Are You A Daisy or A Rose – How To Outshine Your Competition as a Decorator

“In a world full of daisies, dare to be a rose.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Have you ever wandered through a floral shop? Bucket after bucket of beautiful flowers; the variations of colour, variety, and scent are so overwhelming they almost take your breath away. How do you choose one from another when any flower will look and smell incredible in a vase? Although it’s not an easy decision, after extensive consideration in regards to occasion, intended receiver, and personal taste, you are able to make your choice.

As a Decorator and ReDesigner, you know that people will sometimes experience the same overwhelming array of choices when deciding which decorator to hire. With the many “buckets of flowers” available, how can you ensure that you are the one that is chosen? What can you do to guarantee that you will outshine your competition, both as a small business owner and as a decorator?

How to Outshine Your Competition as a Small Business Owner:

Provide Quality Work:

  1. Utilize your natural abilities and your extensive training to be good at what you do; ultimately, this is what will make you stand out. Don’t focus on the competition, but rather, focus on producing the best work that you can do for your clients.

  2. Use only the best products when providing your services. Your stellar efforts can only be enhanced when you incorporate the best products available.

  3. Leave a positive, lasting impression with every client. Keep in mind, too, that your clients do not live in a vacuum; they will be entertaining guests who will see your work firsthand.

Provide a Premium Experience:

  1. Build relationships with your clients. Work to get to know them and view each one as a lifelong client.

  2. Go that extra mile and add a personal touch when interacting with your clients.

  3. Use technology to keep track of their details in order to send them birthday and holiday cards.

Market Your Business:

  1. View your business as something that people should know about; believe in yourself, and others will too!

  2. Share your passion for your business.

  3. Know your target audience and appeal to them.

  4. Make use of image-based marketing.

How to Outshine Your Competition as a Decorator:

Be Authentically You:

  1. Differentiate your business by offering your own consistent, authentic style. 

  2. Don’t be afraid to insert some of “you” into your designs, your website, and your interactions with your clients. After all, you are the secret weapon that will make you stand out.

  3. Be proud of your innate, creative abilities and use them in every space that you decorate.

Be Innovative:

  1. Create unique, beautiful, and functional solutions for your clients.

  2. Ideally, you want to innovate and create, not simply follow.

  3. Search everywhere for inspiration and use it when creating your designs.

  4. Know your competitors and what they offer.

Become an Expert in Your Field:

  1. Utilize your extensive knowledge and training to become an authority on decorating and redesign.

  2. Demonstrate your expertise by creating great solutions, not just aesthetically pleasing spaces.

  3. Constantly educate yourself by staying up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, colours, and products.

  4. Show off your expertise; ensure your certifications are on your website and your business cards.

Provide Reviews and Testimonials:

  1. Be proud of your work; your successes will ensure you outshine your competition.

  2. Ask for reviews. Future clients will trust your work when they can view successfully completed projects and read positive reviews.

  3. Bring your laptop with you when meeting clients for the first time. Share before and after pictures of every project; impress potential customers with the beautiful images of spaces that you have decorated and redesigned.

Diversify Your Style and Your Projects:

  • Although your goal is to be authentically you, aim to incorporate your unique style into a diverse array of projects. 
  • In other words, don’t limit yourself to one style or one type of project; show your clients that you can decorate and redesign any room, in any style.

Spend Time with Your Clients:

  1. Get to know them; learn their tastes, their lifestyle, and what they want from their home. By determining a room’s function and feel, you are able to create a space that reflects your clients’ unique taste.

  2. Take your time when choosing lighting, paint colours, textures, and products within the space. The fabrics, floor coverings, furniture, and lighting are the tools that will help you create the intended functionality and atmosphere of any room.

Go Green:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by incorporating environmentally friendly products such as Benjamin Moore paint. This paint has Zero VOC emissions, which is not only better for the environment but also benefits the family’s health as well.

Build a Passionate Online and Offline Community:

  1. Create an online community using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

  2. Use consistent imagery and style to display your passion for your business. Inject your personality into your message, too; remember that you are your secret weapon in order to outshine your competition.

  3. Participate in local events to build an offline community. Show people who you are and how passionate you are, both about decorating and redesign, and your local neighbourhood.

In a world full of daisies, how can you be a rose? By outshining your competition! Begin by empowering yourself with knowledge; the Decorating & ReDesign™ Course at Ultimate Academy® will provide you with the training, confidence, and skills to launch a career that you can be proud of.

By utilizing the tips, training, skills, and your unique abilities, you will be able to stand out among any competition.

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