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The Benefits of Self-Paced Home Study Courses

Learn From Anywhere

Self-paced home study learning accommodates diverse lifestyles, making it easier to balance learning with other responsibilities.

You can access the course materials and continue your learning journey from anywhere.

Choose how you spend your time

Learners have the opportunity to allocate their time however they see fit. This flexibility allows for a deeper exploration of topics, further research, and seeking clarification.

Work at your own pace

You will complete the course content at your own pace, and you will complete exercises as you progress through the course.

You can submit your exercises to us for review and feedback.

Practice Self-Motivation

This option provides you with the opportunity to nurture valuable skills like self-direction, time management, and perseverance that extend beyond education.

Embrace flexibility

Tailor your education to your schedule with self-paced home study

In this home study course, you will cover the comprehensive content discussed in the 5-day live course.

From the comfort and convenience of your own home, and at your preferred schedule, you will receive a UDRC™ certification as an Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™. By combining your natural talent and passion for decorating with our proven system, you will gain the ability to transform the appearance of any property.

This self-paced home study option provides complete business and sales training necessary to excel as a Decorator & ReDesigner. You will learn how to establish, manage, and expand your Decorating & ReDesign Business, allowing you to fulfill your dream of working in a field you love.

Progress through the material at your own pace, and feel free to reach out to us via phone or email anytime you require assistance or have any questions regarding the course content.

Included with
Your Course

Certification to reflect your training

Obtain the UDRC™ Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner Certification to demonstrate your expertise

1000+ Page multi-volume manuals set & workbook

This multi-volume manual set & workbook will serve as your essential resource


Use these forms, templates and reports for efficiency and professionalism

marketing sessions to boost your new business

Learn from business specialist Greg Taylor, who will share his business knowledge gained over 25 years

free shipping of
course materials

When you order the hard copy manuals, we will ship them to you at no additional cost

Unlock Exciting Opportunities with a Decorating & ReDesign Career

UDRC™ Certification

Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™

The UDRC™ is a premium Design Certification.

Displaying the UDRC™ Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified and operate not only to the
systems of Ultimate Academy®, but also to the Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards.

This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.

Benefit from after-course support

business training

While possessing knowledge of Decorating & ReDesign is wonderful, it becomes infinitely more valuable when paired with business training that allows you to transform that knowledge into an additional income stream. 

This Decorating & ReDesign certification course not only educates you on the theoretical and practical components of Decorating & ReDesign, but also covers essential aspects of running a successful business. This course will include:

  • Business start-up and creation of your business plan
  • Business name selection and registration
  • Powerful and effective marketing and branding techniques
  • Proper pricing and quoting for your Decorating & ReDesign services

Business Support plan

This after-course support plan is also included for free with your course. We understand that certain aspects of starting your new Decorating & ReDesign career may be unfamiliar to you.

Imagine having access to your personal business guru. This plan offers the friendly and approachable support you require.

The Business Support Plan is specifically designed to get you consulting, performing transformations, and doing what you love right away!

This support system has proven highly effective in assisting numerous students in pursuing their passion and becoming successful entrepreneurs. All of these services are provided by our Business Trainer and Coach, Greg Taylor.

maximize retention

Boost your comprehension with
audio & visual summaries

Receive audio and visual summaries of each chapter with the purchase of your Decorating & Redesign home study course.

These summaries are designed to help you understand and remember important course concepts more easily.

By using a combination of audio and visual elements, these summaries enhance comprehension and retention of the material.

They provide a quick and engaging review, reinforcing the key points in a clear and concise manner.

You can conveniently access them on your tablet or phone, allowing you to learn on the go and fit studying into your busy schedule.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Graduates may take unlimited class retakes of their Decorating & ReDesign course free of charge for 3 years!

Why do we offer this? We offer free unlimited class scheduled retakes of Ultimate Academy®’s
Decorating & ReDesign course to give you peace of mind. 

Should you feel that given the vast amount of information
covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course again, you are welcome to do so.

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Ways to Learn

5-Day Live & Recorded Online Class


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If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688


If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688