How To Prevent Sha Chi in
a Feng Shui Friendly Home

What Is Feng Shui? -

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese body of knowledge which is part science, part astrology, and part mathematics. 

The main principles of Feng Shui are Chi (positive energy), Yin and Yang (two opposing energies that are rooted in one another) and The Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). By understanding how these principles work together, we are able to create harmonious, welcoming spaces. 

Although each of the principles are equally important, understanding Chi energy in particular, will teach a follower how to alter life’s good fortune for themselves, family and co-workers.

Chi constantly flows around us and through objects and rooms within our homes and workplaces. According to Feng Shui theory, everything has an opposing energy; thus, Chi can be both good and bad. 

Sha Chi is bad or harmful energy which is formed in negative situations, and may lead to undesirable circumstances. It can stop the flow of Chi energy to you, your home and workplace, as well as interrupt and destroy the natural cycle of energy. 

Within our homes and offices, certain objects or situations can generate Sha Chi. In order to avoid this negative energy, these can either be excluded or cured, in order to rebalance energy and invite happiness and harmony into your home and life. 

So what common things might you find in a home that have the ability to create Sha Chi?

#1. Clutter is the biggest man-made Sha Chi. Feng Shui theory purports that your living space reflects your life. Therefore, if your home is cluttered, so too is your mind and body. 

Whether the clutter is underneath your bed, in your kitchen, or in the basement, it prevents Chi from circulating. This “stagnant, stuck energy contributes to blockage and illness, while open, flowing energy is the basis of great moods and every kind of abundance”. 

When your home or workplace is free from clutter, life feels harmonious. It is not coincidental; clutter has the ability to suck up the positive energy in any space. A clean, organized home or office will promote an abundance of flowing Chi.

#2. It stands to reason that if your living space reflects your life, respecting your home is respecting yourself. Anything that is broken, whether large or small, needs to be either repaired or discarded. 

Not only does the broken object itself create Sha Chi, but looking at a damaged item every day will give you the feeling of being broken as well. By either repairing or discarding the object, you are able to respect your home and start fresh with positive Chi.

#3. Including plants in your home or workplace can benefit your body and spirit. They infuse a space with life-giving energy and remove toxins from the air. 

While it is true that indoor plants affect the circulation of chi, the type of plant and it’s state of health will determine what type of energy it will activate. Spiky, thorny plants should be avoided; their sharp points can cause arguments and general unease or discomfort. 

Plants such as cacti, Agave and Dragon Trees, all present spiky foliage that has the ability to create Sha Chi. Plants will only create positive energy if they are healthy, vibrant and lush. 

Dead plants should be removed as they will invite negative energy into your life.

#4. Personal taste determines what artwork appeals to you. And while art may “speak” to you, consideration should be given as to what the art is actually “saying”; in other words, thought should be given as to what is depicted in the actual artwork itself. 

According to Feng Shui theory, art should always evoke positive emotions. Positive energy will not exist and circulate within a space generating Sha Chi. 

If artwork depicting disasters, wars, or other negative scenes creates angst within you, it should be removed. Furthermore, ensure that the artwork is not hung too low on the wall as this can cause depression and low energy. 

Artwork should always be hung properly, as well. Viewing a crooked picture will cause irritation, subsequent negative feelings, and the creation of Sha Chi.

#5. According to Feng Shui theory, there is a hidden connection between the energy of your family dynamics and the strong negative energy that can be created by many Feng Shui house mistakes. This type of error can be in the structure of your home, such as a staircase placed close to the front door. 

Entryways are very important; the front door is the primary entrance of positive energy into your home. 

Both a staircase close to the entrance and a back door directly across from it, will prompt the energy to leave, creating space for Sha Chi to generate. 

Feng Shui cures for these two house mistakes can be used in order to counteract the negative energy. Placing a mirror on a side wall, or a large chrysanthemum plant in the front entryway, will help to inject and refocus good Chi.

#6. Just as a spiky plant creates Sha Chi, so too does anything else that has sharp, threatening points. Tables with sharp edges or chandeliers with pointy features, or even a display of exposed knives in the kitchen, will evoke feelings of discomfort. 

Is there a particular piece of furniture that you continuously stub your toe on? 

That furniture is creating Sha Chi; it’s placement is generating anger, pain and frustration. This negative energy can be eradicated simply by moving the offending fixture from it’s current placement.

In order to live and work in a harmonious space, you need to be aware of what specific things have the capability of producing Sha Chi. 

Although simple remedies will improve the balance and harmony within your life, it might be difficult to implement these yourself. 

After all, understanding and implementing the Feng Shui philosophy requires specific knowledge. 

Consulting with a Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™, who is fully trained and qualified, can help guide you and bring balance, harmony and good Chi into your daily life.  

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