Rightsizing – How to Help Your Clients Downsize Their Home

Like many things associated with aging, the concept of choosing to live a life-with-less, tends to be viewed in a negative light. The misperception of youth equates success with luxurious acquisitions. But as author Kathy Gottberg states, “real luxury is not working like a maniac to take an expensive vacation – it is living a life you enjoy every day”.

For many people, retirement enables them to revel in this new version of luxury. One in which the focus is on experiences, rather than possessions. This new outlook on life is freeing; it is not about what they own or the square footage of their house. These individuals know that there are real benefits to both a life and a home, “right sized” for them.

What is “rightsizing”? Why is there such a demand for it? And what services can you, as a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, offer to clients who wish to live with less?

What is “rightsizing”?

“Rightsizing” refers to “the pursuit of living big in a smaller space by creating the most out of every square foot—and making sure you actually use and enjoy the space you have.” It is a lifestyle; it is about discovering what brings you joy, what gives your life meaning, and what makes you smile.

A client wishing to “rightsize” their home is looking to downsize; to move into something smaller, yet without sacrificing any indulgences. Although it a conscious decision to live with less space and less belongings, it is not about living with less comfort.

Why is there such a demand for rightsizing?

Living with less has many benefits: less maintenance, less monthly bills, and less clutter. As the years in a home add up, so do the possessions. Choosing to pare down frees a homeowner to focus on what is important. It enables him/her to clear out years of detritus and unwanted belongings.

What was important to your client 20 or 30 years ago may not be now, especially once they retire. Because of this, rightsizing and retirement are a natural fit.

The demand for this lifestyle grows as the population ages. Right now, more than one-in-six Canadians are at least 65, and by the year 2031, seniors could account for 22.7% of the population.

Services you can offer:

As a Professional Organizer, you have an opportunity to specialize in this sector of the industry. As the number of seniors escalates, so too can your role as an Organizer.

Rightsizing not only focuses on customizing the space to fit your clients’ lifestyle, but on moving them into a smaller home. Your services could incapsulate the entire transition. Rightsizing focuses on clearing years of clutter from your client’s home and their life and providing them with a fresh start in a new, organized space.

Pre-Move Preparation Services:

  • Decluttering and sorting through your client’s belongings. Alone, this can be a tedious process of deciding which possessions to hold onto and which to give away. You can help your client keep the things that will fit their new lifestyle.

  • Space planning of the new home. Knowing the size of the individual rooms will help you and your client decide what furniture etc. can be moved. This planning should also include the availability of storage space.

  • Organization of both the items to be kept, and the items to be dispersed.

  • Packing – this could include the provision of packing materials.

  • Discussion and scheduling of dispersal options – these can include auction services, family members, disposal bins, as well as donation and recycling centres.

  • Delivery of donations.

  • Labeling and tracking of the contents of each box.

  • Arrangement of a storage pod or unit if required.

  • Selection and scheduling of the moving company.

  • Cancellation and rescheduling of gas, hydro, cable, and internet companies.

  • Organizing trades for repairs or renovations.

  • Organization of cleaning (if required) of the old home, prior to Staging.

  • Optional: Staging of the home. Leverage the power of your Certifications, as a Certified UltimateStager™ you can offer multiple services as part of a customized package.

Move-In Day Services:

  • Supervising the loading and unloading of boxes.

  • Unpacking.

  • Setting up furniture, personal items, and accessories.

  • Helping the clients to settle into their new home.

  • Disposal of packing materials.

  • Ensuring the client’s old home is clean and ready for the new owners.

Post-Move Services:

  • Designing an organizational system, customized to each client.

  • Organizing the client’s closets, cabinets etc.

  • Establishing organizational routines.

Optional: Assisting in the choice of paint colours and interior design décor; leverage the power of your Decorating & ReDesign ™ Certification.

Rightsizing is a growing trend. Individuals who choose this way-of-life know it is not about what is given up, but rather what is gained. 

The term itself implies growth and freedom; freedom from clutter and a lifestyle that no longer fits.

Rightsizing allows your clients to pare down their belongings to only those that bring joy, and move these items into a smaller space. 

As a Professional Organizer, you can help your client’s transition to a life and a home that are the right size for them.

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