How to Feng Shui Your Valentine’s Day in Six Easy Steps

How to Feng Shui Your Valentine’s Day in Six Easy Steps - UA

Have you ever wondered why soft lighting makes you feel romantic? Or why that new bed with the nice, large headboard makes you feel safe and secure? Often when people think of the concept of Feng Shui they think of furniture placement and paint colours. But Feng Shui runs much deeper than that; its complexity can be represented by the symbolic, the scientific, and the psychological. 

According to Tess Whitehurst, an intuitive counsellor,  “The best Feng Shui is intuitive”. In other words, we aren’t even aware that we are utilizing the practices of Feng Shui. Can you imagine the impact on your life if you incorporate these principles purposefully? What can that mean for your love life, and more specifically, your Valentine’s Day?

6 Steps to Feng Shui Your Valentine’s Day

Declutter again? “The basis of Feng Shui is energy flow, or ‘chi’, which is fundamental to all living things, like breath is to our bodies”. Healthy chi is partly accomplished simply by allowing energy to flow freely about your home and preventing it from becoming stuck on objects throughout your house. 

One of the best ways to prevent chi from becoming stuck is to declutter. In the bedroom, clutter can often be found under the bed. Storing items there may make sense storage-wise, but it may also cause energy to become stuck, and this can lead to a negative atmosphere romantically. Any storage should be organized and should allow energy to move about unhindered.

Want to hang that picture of two of you from your wedding day? One of the principles of Feng Shui centres around the symbolism of items in your home, including artwork. If you want to promote romance in the bedroom, it is ideal to hang pictures either of the two of you, or pictures and/or statues of a happy couple. This creates inner positive energy that will boost intimacy between you and your partner. 

Family photos should be placed in other rooms around the house, as pictures of your siblings, children, or parents, do not promote romantic feelings. Items should be placed in pairs through out the room as well, to reinforce the couple imagery and to represent partnership. However, don’t distract the chi with items that are out of place, such as trophies; focus on romantic imagery.

The bedroom furniture should not only be functional, but should follow Feng Shui principles as well. Remember that new large headboard? Having a sense of protection behind you offers a sense of security. Additionally, by having it up against a wall, that feeling of protection is doubled, and that leads to a more relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. 

The bedside tables should be symmetrical, as that allows for feelings of equality and promotes a relationship which is in sync. These tables should also not be taller than the bed itself, as this produces negative energy. Finally, above all else, do not place any exercise equipment in a bedroom as it produces restless chi which is not conducive to romance.

Colours play a large role in terms of romance. When considering wall colour, bedding, and accessories do not underestimate the power that it lends to bedroom chi. In fact, the “colours of walls, and window treatments should complement each other to create a balanced flow of love and sexual energy” . Balance is the key word when introducing colour. Soft, neutral colours promote the Yin of the bedroom: these induce relaxation. 

To promote the romantic aspect, pops of pink or red should be added as they are the Feng Shui colours for romance and bring the “fire” to the room. Be cautious in regards to adding too much “fire” though, as this can create a very active energy that could spiral out of control.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most romantic of all? Caution should be used once again when considering the size and placement of mirrors. Although they can attract chi and make it stronger, they can also allow the introduction of negative influences. Placing a mirror directly across from the bed can deplete your personal energy while you sleep. 

Some people also believe that it can introduce the prospect of infidelity by bringing into the room, the energy of a third party. Additionally, the placement of a large mirror can introduce the energy of the Feng Shui element of water, and in the bedroom, this can bring sorrow. To counter any notions of negative chi, the placement of a soft fabric over a mirror can help create the energy for romance.

Light my fire! Candles encapsulate the many Feng Shui principles shared previously, and are an excellent light source for a soft, ambient atmosphere. Remember the importance of the Yin properties? Candles, as well as dimmer lights, help to create the relaxing environment conducive to romance, as well as re-introducing the fire element. 

Furthermore, if used in pairs they reinforce the couple imagery once again. If red or pink candles are utilized, so too are the Feng Shui colours of love and relationships. Finally, ideally all light bulbs that are used through out the home should have a pink tint; they emit as much light as a standard white bulb and produce a warm, cozy feel.

Your bedroom and your romantic relationship are intertwined and as such, care needs to be taken to nurture them. The principles of Feng Shui offer opportunities to promote both romance, and positive energy.

By utilizing these six steps, your Valentine’s Day will be better than a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

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