Feng Shui For A Rejuvenating
Night’s Sleep

Feng Shui For A Rejuvenating Night's Sleep

Creating the proper energy in your bedroom can have a huge
affect on your sleep. The principals of Feng Shui can be used to
promote a peaceful and secure environment that allows for a
sleep that rejuvenates the way it should.

Let Air Circulate Through The Room – An open window or at
very least a fan, distributes air and energy through a room. Try to
rejuvenate the air in your room before bed so that energy can flow
freely while you sleep.

Remove Clutter From the Bedroom – Cluttered nightstands,
closets, or dressers create a similar environment to the cluttered
thoughts that race through your mind on an endless track, keeping
you awake at night. Removing this clutter will promote relaxation
and calmness as you fall into your dreams. Also, be mindful of
the clutter that may be under your bed, as it is best to remove
those items. Ensure you are not sleeping over anything that is
a reminder of bad memories or problems, as this causes negative
energy and thus produces a bad night’s sleep.

Unplug – Electronics and the lights they emit can cause damage to
your sleep cycle and prevent you from falling asleep or having a
restful sleep. Unplugging and separating from your electronics allows
you to relax before you sleep. Try to shut off the tv, computer, and
put away your phone 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Try reading a book
before bed to unwind your mind and body and help you to feel sleepy.

Ground Yourself – The earth element pulls energy downwards;
this promotes feelings of safety and security, which will allow you
to have a more peaceful and restful sleep. Earth toned colours, sandy
brown or light yellows promote this energy as well as earth materials,
stones, crystals, or clay pieces. Having a few grounding elements in
your bedroom allow for a more peaceful sleep.

Dim The Lights  Allowing the light to dim as it does in nature can
aid in promoting a more restful sleep. Bright lights keep your mind
awake and prevent you from falling asleep with ease. Dim lights as the
sun sets lower behind the horizon and continue to do so until you
crawl into bed. If you do not have diming lights, you can mimic a
similar effect by changing from overhead lights to lamps, as the
light is not as bright.

Once you have followed these steps, you will be ready for a
rejuvenated night’s sleep. Try practicing these steps each night before
you go to bed, to incorporate a healthy Feng Shui bedtime routine.

Sweet dreams!

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Save Up To $1450 On Your 1st Course
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