Myth Busting: The Six Myths
of Home Staging

Myth Busting The Six Myths of Home Staging - Ultimate Academy® Home Staging Blog

When preparing to sell a home, many homeowners ponder whether to enlist the services of a professional home stager. Home staging, defined as the art of preparing a home to appeal to the widest array of buyers, is an often misunderstood yet crucial step in the home-selling process. This specialized skill involves more than just good taste; it requires a strategic approach to design and presentation, aiming to showcase a home’s best features while making it inviting to potential buyers. 

In this article, we will explore and debunk six common myths about home staging, illuminating the truths behind this practice and its significant impact on the successful sale of a home.

Myth #1:

There’s a common belief that hiring a professional home stager means you’ll have to throw everything out. In reality, a Certified UltimateStager™ is skilled in transforming a home into an appealing property for sale, aiming for mass appeal rather than individual appeal. 

The process involves depersonalizing the space, as the way we live in our home is not always the best way to market it. A professional stager approaches this task with a neutral, objective viewpoint and is trained to edit, depersonalize, and declutter, ensuring the home appeals to the majority of prospective buyers.

Myth #2:

Many confuse home staging with home decorating. While decorating personalizes a space to reflect the homeowner’s taste, home staging takes the opposite approach. The aim is to depersonalize and neutralize the space, creating a clean, inviting canvas that appeals to a diverse range of buyers. 

This might involve using neutral colour palettes, removing eccentric artwork, or rearranging furniture to showcase the home’s best features. The focus is on potential buyers’ preferences and desires, not the current homeowner’s style.

Myth #3:

Some believe that anyone can stage a home. However, it’s a specialized skill that requires training and expertise. 

Certified UltimateStagers™ are adept at making data-driven decisions based on market trends and buyer psychology. They understand how to create emotional connections through staging, which can significantly influence buyers’ perceptions and decisions. This professional insight is crucial in highlighting a home’s strengths and downplaying its weaknesses.

Myth #4:

Another myth is that home staging is an unnecessary expense. In contrast, it should be seen as a strategic investment. 

Data shows that staged homes not only sell faster but often at a higher price point, largely due to their enhanced appeal in photographs and viewings. This increased attractiveness in online listings is particularly crucial, as most buyers begin their home search online. 

The initial cost of staging is typically offset by the higher selling price and reduced time on the market.

Myth #5:

There’s a common belief that staging is only beneficial for empty properties. On the contrary, staging can be highly effective in occupied homes. It involves carefully selecting and arranging furnishings and décor to showcase the home’s potential lifestyle. This staging helps buyers to better understand the functional use of each space and envision their own lives there. 

For occupied homes, the stager works to strike a balance between lived-in comfort and the aspirational appeal of a show home.

Myth #6:

It’s often assumed that buyers can see past the current state of a home and imagine what it could be. However, most buyers struggle with this. Professional staging plays a pivotal role in helping buyers visualize the space’s potential. By staging each room to demonstrate its intended purpose, stagers make it easier for buyers to imagine living in the home.

For instance, converting a cluttered spare room into a beautifully staged guest bedroom can significantly change buyers’ perceptions and the value they place on the home.

Professional home staging is a valuable tool in selling your home. It not only helps sell your home faster and potentially for more money but also reduces the stress involved in the selling process by debunking common myths and providing expert guidance.

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