Social media marketing 101



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Social Media Marketing 101



Beginner - Intermediate

Skill Level


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This Is What We Love to do

Reviews from our graduates

Social Media marketing 101
course outline

In Manual 1, you will be introduced to social media. Discover the fundamental building blocks of an online marketing system as we outline the four key components and guide you on how to achieve them. Explore the purpose, significance, and vital role that content creation plays in establishing an active social media presence for yourself and your business. Gain valuable insights into considerations to make before posting on social media. Additionally, you will receive recommendations for tools to create high-quality content, and much more.

In Manual 2, you will learn how to navigate Instagram. From understanding the various icons to optimizing your profile with editing features like effects, stickers, text, and more, we will equip you to craft engaging Instagram Stories and posts. Explore effective strategies to expand your reach, foster connections, and build a brand presence on Instagram. Discover how to leverage the power of Instagram Reels. We will introduce you to valuable tools like Canva and CapCut to create high-quality Reels, providing a step-by-step guide accompanied by demonstrations.

In this manual, we will cover everything from the initial setup of a Facebook business page to curating enticing content. You will master the do’s and don’ts of Facebook etiquette, ensuring a professional image for your business. You will earn how to promote your Facebook business page and navigate the powerful tools of Facebook’s Meta Business Suite and Ads Manager.

In Manual 3, you will learn how to set up a Twitter business account. Learn optimal posting times and how to utilize Twitter’s features like professional profiles, Twitter Lists, Spaces and Twitter ads. Explore TweetDeck to enhance your efficiency and productivity on Twitter.

This manual also covers blogging. Explore the steps to creating a blog post, from understanding your audience and choosing a topic to researching, organizing, writing, and adding visuals. You will receive a checklist for editing your blog post to ensure you have created a professional, clear, concise, and relevant piece.

We will conclude this manual with headlines for social media posts. You will learn how to craft enticing headlines that grab peoples attention and entice readers to click on your content.

In Manual 4, you will learn how to build a compelling LinkedIn profile, including writing an interesting and informative profile summary. You will explore the essentials of posting on LinkedIn.

In this manual, you will dive into TikTok, discovering and navigating its icons and features like Duet, Stitch, effects, filters, text, and more. Build confidence and competence using each feature to create enticing and professional content. Gain valuable tips for TikTok, including filming vertically, ideal video length, and engaging with other creators. Optimize your TikTok business suite, utilizing features like analytics, promotion, and auto messages.

Manual 5 will teach you how to optimize Pinterest for showcasing your products, services, and talent. Learn to navigate Pinterest and leverage its features, including creating Pins, Idea Pins, and Boards. Utilize analytics to optimize your content and gain insights into Pin performance and audience engagement.

In this manual, explore Snapchat by understanding its icons and capabilities. Discover how to utilize Snapchat Stories, Geofilters, and Snap Ads for business purposes.

Learn to create a YouTube profile, organize your profile with topic-specific playlists, and leverage YouTube shorts for short-form content creation.

In manual 6, you will discover tools to enhance your efficiency and productivity as a social media user. Instead of daily post creation and publishing, you’ll learn the benefits of using social media management platforms to help with scheduling posts,  enabling better time management and the opportunity for careful review and editing before publishing.

Additionally, this manual will cover email marketing tools and how to effectively utilize each tool to produce content and efficiently distribute it to a large audience.



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