Why Marble Has Been a Popular Interior Design Element for Decades

Why Marble Has Been a Popular Interior Design Elements For Decades - Blog

The concept of ReDesign is similar to a new hairstyle. It is common for people, mostly women, to dye, cut off and make noticeable changes to their hair on a semi-regular basis. Homes require such makeovers as well. Because of the high costs associated with interior design services, the ReDesign industry has been able to flourish all over North America in the last decade.

The practice of ReDesign allows homeowners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their interiors within affordable budgets. ReDesigners often utilize a client’s existing furniture and décor items around different rooms in a home in order to cut the expenditures further. In this respect, the philosophy of ReDesign is more conducive to the lives of average homeowners.  It is essential for ReDesigners, as well as homeowners, to be in touch with prevailing trends in the market. These yearly trends vary further with seasons. One of the most impactful trends of this year is Marble.

This stone has a rich history and has been used as an architectural and interior element for centuries. The earliest utilization of marble can be traced back to ancient Greece in the construction of the Temple of Olympia, the Theseum and parts of the Parthenon. Marble was most extensively used by the Romans and the Greeks although, it is also a significant structural element in the Taj Mahal.

While this material was a sign of wealth and luxury in ancient times, with the evolution of cutting and processing technology it is now readily available in affordable varieties for all to enjoy. This is why marble counter tops are a basic standard in most homes around the globe. If there is any question about the alleged durability of this material, the thousand-year-old structures that are still standing in Greece and Italy are a strong testament to marble’s ability to withstand the effects of time and tide.

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Marble is a classic element of interior design that has made quite a comeback in 2018. The unique veined style, together with contemporary finishes such as rose-gold and bronze, make elegant and modern combinations that designers around the world have opted for this year. Marble is also in vogue with product designers, fashion designers and graphic designers.

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Aside from its obvious luxurious aesthetic, marble has a number of advantages that make it a popular choice for flooring, walls, facades, counter tops and furniture as well.  This material is also available in a variety of natural colours ranging from white and creams all the way to greys and greens. For décor items that cannot be made from the actual material, designers and manufacturers create marble mimicking patterns as well. These patterns have been used excessively in fashion, as well as home décor throughout the year including items such as lamps, sconces, cushions, upholstery, laptop decals, clothes, jewelry, phone cases and bags.

As for the advantages of marble, it is scratch-resistant, incredibly durable, elegant and versatile. Marble is a material that, because of its characteristic veined design, helps subtly lend renewal and luxury to the existing scratches and flaws in walls, cabinets and flooring. It is also simple to maintain as long as the periodic polishing and oiling is taken care of.

Green marble is a major trend that is taking over the interior design world right now. The dark green swirled veins, with the off-white and beige design all over, is a unique take on the classic white marble impression. This particular type of marble is being used in bathrooms as flooring, vanity, sinks, kitchen counters, walls and even furniture. So if you’re looking to give your home a makeover, you may want to consider adding an item or two made from green marble.

With all the uses, advantages and styles that have briefly been touched here, you’re probably hankering to add some marble into your own home – but at what cost? Cutting and shipping aside, all sorts of varieties of marble are available to fit different kinds of budgets. If fine Italian marble is too overpriced, there are several alternatives that provide similar (if not the same) effects as finer marble at a considerably lower cost. The average marble counter top costs $3000 (USD) with a low to high quality material ranging from $1000 to $9,500. Structures made of marble are not the only things that have stood the test of time.

It is easily observable how this stone has never really gone out of style over a thousand years. If not in the Western Hemisphere, it was used in the East and vice versa. It is then safe to say that while marble may be a booming trend right now and might die down in the years to come, it is not one that will ever be gone entirely. If history has taught us anything, it is that marble will always crawl its way back to the top of the design industry.

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