Need to Clear the Air? How to Space Clear Your Home

Need to Clear the Air How to Space Clear Your Home

For those of us that practice Feng Shui, we are aware of the impact that our surroundings have on us. We embrace the feeling of needing to act to improve our lives as well.  One of the main beliefs of Feng Shui is that we are influenced by everything in our environment. 

We can affect this environment by arranging it in a way that circulates the life-force energy of chi, so that we will flourish and create harmony and balance in our lives. Of course, this is an ideal version as real life proves that harmony is not always easy to attain.

Each and every one of us brings energy into our homes. Combined with the energy attached to all of the items that we collect, the result can be quite an accumulation. Just like dust and dirt collect on our furniture and floors throughout the house, so too does energy. While we are not able to see this gathering of energy, we can often feel it. 

We have all experienced the feeling of tension in the air following an argument. This is due to the negative energy emitted from the emotions and angry words. When faced with dust and dirt, our knee-jerk reaction is to clean the house. But what about that collection of negative energy? If left stagnant in our homes, it can affect the circulation of chi. So how do we clear this out?

The action of ridding your home of that detritus of negative or stagnant energy is called Space Clearing. This is not a part of Traditional Feng Shui, but rather a part of Contemporary Feng Shui. The space clearing is a process that involves some sort of action to remove the stagnant energy out of the home which then allows positive chi to enter. A clearing should be done whenever energy feels stale or stuck

It can also be practiced on a regular basis similar to cleaning that dust and dirt. Furthermore, it can also be utilized before you move into a new home or following a negative occurrence such as an illness or divorce.

There are as many methods of space clearing as there are individuals who practice it. Although anyone can perform a space clearing in their own home, there are professionals who have training and accreditation as well. Furthermore, space clearing can range from a mini-clearing to a major-clearing. For anyone wanting to try a space clearing, the following steps can be followed as closely or as loosely as desired. The main goal is to clear the energy and revitalize the spaces within our homes.

Step #1:

Decluttering is the first step to clearing stagnant energy from your home. This clears the physical space while simultaneously removing the stagnant energy that is attached to these items. Once removed, there is more allowance for circulation of fresh chi.

Step #2:

The second step is to continue this readiness pattern by cleaning your house. Again, not only does this create better avenues for circulation of chi, but it also symbolizes that old patterns are ready to be moved out.

Step #3:

Cleaning yourself is equally as important as cleaning the house. The stagnant energy which you worked so hard to clean away in the first two steps could very well be attached to your clothes. Showering and changing into clean clothing before you start will help you to feel balanced and aid in ensuring that your energy is calm and clear.

Step #4:

In order to allow the fresh chi to enter and allow for the stagnant energy to exit your home, the fourth step is to open as many windows as weather permits.

Step #5:

In order for the space clearing to be effective, all five elements of Feng Shui should be included in some way. However, how they are incorporated is up to the individual.

  • Fire can be included by burning candles or incense in rooms throughout the house.
  • Wood can be represented by the placement of fresh flowers, either on the mantel or individually in rooms once again.
  • Additionally, these fresh flowers can be placed in a bowl of water thus incorporating the element of water.
  • Earth can be represented by including natural rock crystals throughout the house.

The element of metal can be represented either by metal bells, bongs or drums.

Step #6:

The importance of the sixth step is that you find some way to move the stagnant energy. How you choose to move this energy is up to you. The basic principle is that you start at your front door and continue to walk around your house, making sure to go through every room and to specifically include all corners.

  • A walk-through can be made while holding either burning sage, or by spraying an air spray that is infused with the energy of sage. This specific herb helps to clear negative energy.
  • The metal bells, bongs or drums can be used to create sound that will also help to disperse the stagnant energy.
  • Clapping is another method of utilizing sound. It is best to start low to the ground and move up the wall, clapping as loudly as possible until you notice that the sound becomes clearer.
  • The final part of this step is to voice your intentions. As you move throughout your home, speak aloud any positive wishes that you have for the future.

Feng Shui is about arranging our environment in such a way as to maximize the circulation of chi. 

When this air flow becomes stagnant, space clearing wakes up and drives negative energy out and fresh chi in.

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