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The Jetson’s might have predicted clean, shiny metallic homes with lots of whites and empty space for the future but the future of interior design, as it turns out, is more organic and oriented towards the ‘natural’ than we thought. 

Perhaps residential and commercial spaces have been dominated by too much of the tech-based décor for some time now and that is why the upcoming trends to look out for in Spring and Summer of 2019 are completely geared towards natural patterns, tones and textures. Curious yet? 

Let’s just say your pets can look forward to some tributary pieces around the house if you plan on keeping in tone with the ‘Back to nature’ theme of this year’s interior design. Designers from around the globe have highlighted the following trends and themes to look out for this year and we are excited to see them in play.

Geometry makes a comeback this year with wallpapers, art pieces, furniture fabric and placement. With bolder and more adventurous colour palettes being key elements in the overall theme of the 2019 interior design geometric patterns have been seen more frequently in designs around the world. This is only expected to increase according to professionals who watch out for such trends and are familiar with the craft themselves. These patterns are in no way a new trend but have been on the back burner for the last few years and as everything else, it’s coming back with a bang. So, stay on the lookout for creative bold patterns and innovative designs this year if you’re searching for ways to brighten up your home in a chic way.

The more the merrier seems to be what Jessica McClendon from Glamour Nest is expecting out of this year’s trends. While the minimalist look will never fully be out of the picture, she believes “…a new wave of decadent, playful, and over-the-top trends are heading our way.” 2019 is expected to be the year of adventurous style in terms of fashion and since they’re very closely connected we can predict the same of interior design as well. It’s safe to say that your furniture and accessory clutter could now easily be repositioned as trendy if you used it in an organized and stylish way.

Farm Fresh colour tones are all the rage right now as bright, bold and previously deemed overwhelming colours can be seen dominating the landscape of home décor around the globe. Burnt yellows, foliage greens and basically anything you find in nature is making its way into homes this year. And keeping in theme with The Earth and all its bountiful gifts, CMO of Chairish Anna Brockway says it’s time to take it even further. “Animal-inspired furnishings bring a much-needed dose of wit and surprise to a space.”, says Brockway. If we’re going bold with colours and textures, why not bring in some tributary figurines or pillows to honour your pets and make your home fun and whimsical for your kids as well?

Handcrafted Accessories add extra dimensions to a room and emphasize the Earthy tone that is dominating the market this year. Traditional handcrafted pieces in soft beige, terracotta and other warm and exotic tones are finding their way into many homes to oppose last year’s minimal and cool palette. You might consider brightening up a room by going out to find a unique handicraft right now because this trend is here to stay for now.

The Tropical Palette is also something to be excited about. With shocking bright colours mixed together with gold, this colourful 2019 trend may be just what you need to change the tone of your home this summer. Perfect for creating a summer party vibe, the tropical palette is also being paired with tropical prints as well to add extra island dimensions to a room.

Ombre is apparently not just a trend for your hair. The use of shading colours and patterns of walls, rugs, bedding, tiles and furniture are being seen more and more and are expected to be more popular as the year progresses.

Tonal Reds were something every designer strayed away from these past few years making way for the cooler blues and greens that have dominated home décor in the recent past. It’s exciting to see warmer tones coming back in style keeping in line with the Earthy palettes of 2019. These colours are a bold way to make the rooms in your home sport flattering contrasts while still being warm and comfortable.

Brass is back pushing stainless steel and polished nickel out of the way this year. Being a warm and subtle alternative to steel, brass faucets, doorknobs, cabinet handles and other similar accessories are being paired with the Earthy palettes of 2019 to create an overall warmer and more inviting aesthetic.

Natural Elements push the Earth theme just a tad further making homes more authentic and naturally comfortable as a consequence. Stone, Copper, Granite and Concrete can be seen being used this year bringing calm, peaceful ambiance to any room. They can be used as accessories, paintings, patterns, textures and materials like Granite for kitchen counters. Pair that with brass faucets and you have yourself a trendy kitchen with Earthy tones in the form of green and gold tiling along a singular wall. 

Velvet is no longer considered out-dated and stuffy but is encouraged as it offers a more luxurious and dimensional look to any room it is a part of. Velvet couches, chairs, ottomans and cushions could all be used to give your room that little punch it needs to go from acceptable to trendy. Experts are expecting to see much more velvet this year in homes around the world.

Floral Patterns are not something you can eliminate from the Earthy décor equation. Even though they’ve been around for a very long time, floral prints are being presented and used in new a light this year. Designers have predicted their use in innovative and bold contrasting settings, adding a fresh take on a classic pattern.

Bring the Earth into your home this year by switching up your style using these little tips and predictions, there’s always room for some adventure, right? Which of these trends will you be on the lookout for this year?

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