10 Personality Traits of
Successful People

10 Personality Traits of Successful People

“Actions speak the language of your personality”. – Myra Yadav

Have you ever wondered why certain family recipes get handed down from generation to generation? Because, of all the recipes tried, these ones are successful. Perhaps they are delicious, or are easy to make, or maybe they include traditional ingredients that remind everyone of long-lost family members. Whatever the reason for its longevity, the recipe’s ingredients never waver; they remain constant and that is what makes the recipe a success. Each ingredient is chosen with care and for specific reasons, and together they create a winning combination that warrants repeating.

A successful career is similar to an award-winning recipe. There are many ingredients involved in its creation and the right combination will generate success. As far as ingredients go, when successful careers are examined, certain personality traits show up again and again. A personality trait is an individual’s own distinguishing qualities or characteristics. These personality traits combine together to create actions, and these actions create success. So what personality traits do successful people possess?

Personality Traits of Successful People:

#1. Confidence

Successful people are confident; they know they have the capabilities to achieve their goals. Believing in yourself and your abilities is the building block for all other success-attaining personality traits. Being confident gives you the courage to pursue your passion and to try new things. Confidence encourages you to stretch your limits and to take advantage of new opportunities. “Believing in yourself is what allows you to rise up and reach your potential”.

#2. Passion

An individual who is passionate about their career will greet each day with energy, fueled by the “fire in their belly”. This added burst of motivation can spur you on when life’s obstacles get in your path. Passionate individuals work harder and more creatively; applying this creativity to career problem solving. The love of what you’re doing will provide you with the drive needed, in order to build a successful career.

#3. Focus

As a personality trait, focus can be seen as both micro and macro. Focusing on an immediate task will aid productivity, perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. On a macro level, focus can be described as a “single-minded pursuit” of a specific goal. As a personality trait, its action can be seen as a relentless push forward. A focused individual knows exactly what they are working towards; they have concise objectives and a clear plan of how to attain them.

#4. Optimism

“Positive inner beliefs set the stage for success”. Being optimistic creates a mindset of positivity; you are able to view every obstacle as a challenge rather than as a problem. You are able to see set-backs as opportunities to learn, grow and improve yourself. Being optimistic opens you up to new experiences and encourages you to look forward to the future. Furthermore, optimism is contagious; it creates a healthier mindset for you and the people around you.

#5. Persistence

Success takes time; you need to be ceaseless in the pursuit of your achievements. Persistence ensures you will continue to work towards you goals. Being persistent enables you to endure the long days, as well as the occasional obstacle. The more you persevere, the longer you pursue something, the closer you will get to your goal.

#6. Flexibility

Flexibility allows you to bend instead of break. When faced with an obstacle you need to be able to mentally shift direction, rather than continue down a fruitless path. Being flexible ensures that you are able to adapt and respond to change quickly. Flexibility also encourages you to embrace change; to view it as a opportunity for a new path of learning and growth.

#7. Curiosity

Curiosity manifests itself as a lifelong desire for learning. It encourages you to seek out new ideas and ways to do things; your mind is continuously infused with fresh and invigorating energy. A willingness to learn enables you to view each experience as a lesson, and each lesson as an opportunity to become inspired.

#8. Self-discipline

As a personality trait, self-discipline enables you to funnel your energy towards a specific goal. You are not distracted by any short-term gain, but rather, you have the resolve to continue working towards your long-term objective. Self-discipline ensures that the desire to succeed is greater than any challenge presented.

#9. Organization

Being organized enables you to approach every task with a relentless focus. You are able to prioritize each and every detail; you know  what is relevant and what requires attention. As a personality trait organization increases your productivity, ensuring you are able to achieve your goals quickly.

#10. Networked

Although this may not seem like a personality trait, being “networked” has as much to do with your success as being confident. By having a network to reach out to, it demonstrates your ability to foster supportive relationships. Being a part of a network that consists of positive, like-minded people, exhibits a willingness to partake in a group that exudes strength and encouragement. 

It demonstrates that you are not afraid to reach out for assistance when required, nor are you determined to walk your path alone. You know that your association with people who can support each other, only adds to your pursuit of success.

Success is as complex as a blue-ribbon-winning recipe; it requires many ingredients, time and hard work. Successful people share key personality traits which help them to get, and stay ahead. Although these qualities and characteristics are in fact demonstrated by successful individuals, you do not need to be born with them. 

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Your recipe for success is within your reach.

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