Organizing Careers

Imagine a Career In
Professional Organizing

Your role as a Professional Organizer is a very exciting and dynamic career–imagine being able to give someone the feeling of gratification and comfort when you organize their space.

The role of a Professional Organizer is to improve people’s lives. A career in Professional Organizing is about helping clients lead happier lives as they enjoy living in their space.

As Professional Organizers, we understand the psychology of clutter and disorganization and how to overcome them.

We accomplish this by removing barriers and enabling our clients to feel positive, function better and better utilize their space and their time to create positive energy. 

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Do You Love Organizing? 

Do you love organizing? Do you like everything about organizing? Do you get a wonderful feeling when your organize? 

Imagine being able to help someone organize their space and give them that wonderful feeling of euphoria, and imagine getting paid very well to do it? 

That’s the life of a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™

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Who Should Become A

Professional Organizer™?

One of the most important skills to have to become a successful Professional Organizer is to be a people person

Organizing is all about helping people and if you like helping others, then you have the main ingredient to be a successful Professional Organizer. 

Your role as a Professional Organizer is to help people transform their space and to develop a rapport with your client. Once you have developed a strong rapport and trust, your client will be more than happy to have you take care of all of their organizing needs.

For those that do not feel that organizing comes naturally to them, but love the idea of being a Professional Organizer, you will learn our proven system to make you the Ultimate Organizer™

Whether you have natural talents, or just have an interest, you will learn a proven system that works.

Your Organizing Business

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

The Model

You will learn how to establish and run a Professional Organizing business using our proven business model. 

Being a Professional Organizer is perfect either as a part-time or full-time business. Whether you wish to operate a full time business, or if you have a demanding lifestyle and only wish to operate on a part-time basis, your career, in the role of a Professional Organizer, provides flexibility to suit you.

At Ultimate Academy®, you will learn how to price all types of organizing services to be both market-friendly and profitable.

As a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, you will be able to utilize the certification to deliver the most professional services to your clients. 

Ultimate Professional Organizers™ often combine other services, such as Home Staging, Feng Shui and Decorating & ReDesign for their clients and are able to offer attractive packages that generate repeat business.

You will learn how to grow your client base, how to bring in referrals and how to take your business to the next level. You will learn to how to nurture relationships to dominate your market.

If being a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™ excites you, and the idea of running your own organizing business is enticing, we encourage you to contact one of our friendly course advisors or watch one of our Free Information Night presentations and find out more about this exciting career in your role as a Professional Organizer, proudly certified by Ultimate Academy®

Maintenance Plans For Your Clients 

Every great business model is built on repeat business. 

You will find many of your organizing clients will choose to be on a Certified Ultimate Organizer™ Maintenance Plan where they will have you in on a regular basis, anywhere from monthly to annually, in order to achieve the maximum benefit from your services. 

The focus of each visit could vary depending upon the organizing needs of the client, anywhere from organizing different rooms, seasonal organizing, holiday organizing, exterior organizing, organizing of documents, computer files and more. 

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

Choosing Your Niche

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

You can be a generalist and offer all types of organizing services, or you could specialize in a particular segment or niche such as:

Is This A Good Time To Become A Professional Organizer?

Yes, it is! In fact, there has never been a better time to become an Ultimate Professional Organizer™

Even though the industry has been established for a long time, we have continued to see rapid growth, driven by growing demand from consumers and businesses. Hiring a Professional Organizer is a growing trend in part, due in part to people’s demanding lifestyles. 

We live in a society today where people hire different professionals to take care of many services for them. This has helped to bolster the industry of Professional Organizing. 

This rapidly growing industry has created tremendous opportunity for those who want to work as a Professional Organizer, either as a business owner or as an employee. 

It is very exciting being a Professional Organizer, helping people from all walks of life live happy, healthy and organized lives.

Your Role as a Professional Organizer

If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688. Special ends Friday July 19th.


If you have any questions or would like to enrol by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688. Save up to $1400, special ends this Friday July 19th.