Say “I Do” to The Hues –
Adding Colour to Your Wedding

Say “I Do” to The Hues – Adding Colour to Your Wedding

“Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”. – Oscar Wilde

Colour has immense power; it can fill a room with energy, set the mood, express your style, add drama and ultimately, surprise you. It speaks differently to every one of us. In fact, a colour’s effect is as individual as its hue. “Every time you walk into a room, colour impacts how you feel”. Cherry red, cobalt blue, seafoam green, and refreshing chartreuse; their lyrically descriptive names evoke emotions and memories, both ephemeral and vivid. 

The intricate nuances of hues, shades, and tints speak to your soul.  Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to share a piece of your soul with your friends and family. By including colours that represent your deepest sentiments, you can “speak” to your guests without a sound. Your wordless communication encourages them to leave their everyday personas behind and immerse themselves in the spirit of joy each colour embodies.

Adding colour to your wedding can be done in both subtle and surprising ways. It is all dependent on what mood and style you wish to capture on your wedding day. Are you striving to envelop your family and friends in the warm embrace of soft, romantic hues? Or are you endeavoring to ignite the senses of your guests with bold, exciting colours? Regardless of what hues you incorporate, the methods of inclusion are universal.


Nature provides the perfect vehicle for adding colour to your wedding.  Flowers have been included in marriage ceremonies since Ancient Rome; they were thought to signify new beginnings, fidelity and hopes of fertility. Today, the wide-ranging methods of inserting flowers into a wedding design, varies from the traditional to the innovative.

  • Bouquets and boutonnieres.

    • Although traditional, they offer a fantastic opportunity to infuse colour into the ceremony. Adding pops of vibrantly hued blooms into a lush bouquet will instantly add life and energy.

    • Tying a variety of cascading fabric ribbons onto the bouquet handle will not only add colour, but also texture and a personalized styling element.

  • Ceremony and reception backdrops.

    • Attaching bursts of colour in the form of flowers, to an arch at the alter or to a reception backdrop, is a stunning addition to any wedding. Imagine the photo opportunities a flower wall will provide!

  • Floral design features.

    • Multi-hued centrepieces can provide continuous pops of colour throughout the venue.

    • Potted arrangements can be placed strategically at both the ceremony and reception, to compliment the overall colour scheme.

Suspended flower installations and hanging chandeliers of brightly coloured blooms, will add drama to any wedding.


Nothing infuses more personalized style into a wedding than the bride’s, groom’s, and attendants’ attire.

  • The bride.

    • Since 1840, brides have traditionally worn white gowns. If breaking with tradition is more your style, try donning a coloured wedding dress. Whether it is a russet red, a deep black, or a soft pink blush, the choice of colour for your gown will be sure to set the mood for the event.

    • If you wish to add colour to your dress with a more subtle approach, try a design with an ombre effect in which the ends have been dipped in dye.

    • The addition of colourful embellishments is another method of infusing colour into your gown.

    • You can also try slipping on a coloured pair of shoes; no one needs to know of your bold injection of personality unless you want them to!

  • The bridesmaids.

    • Whether your wedding party is big or small, by choosing a different colour for each bridesmaid’s dress, you will easily set a festive tone.

    • Try mixing it up. Not only can each attendant wear a different colour, but by choosing both solid colours and florals, you can add a wide variety of colours in one design element.

  • The groom and the groomsmen.

    • If a black tuxedo is too bland and traditional, try a coloured suit.

    • Colour can also be injected with the groom’s and groomsmen’s shirts, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, suspenders, and socks.


Your “tablescape should tell a story”; it should weave a tale of your unique union, enticing your guests to follow along as you embark on your new chapter.

  • Coloured linen can be added in the form of tablecloths, runners, and napkins.

  • Include the unexpected: coloured flatware, glasses, plates, and chargers also offer perfect opportunities for injecting drama in your tablescape.

  • Provide coloured seating; the addition of cushions, seat covers, or painted chairs will infuse style and personality into your reception.

Extraordinary colour infusions:

Adding colour to your wedding in extraordinary, out-of-the-box ways can ignite the imagination of your guests.

  • Many weddings provide a lounge area for friends and family to mingle. The use of exciting colours and fabrics adds to the specialness of the vignette.

  • Coloured smoke bombs are a fantastic way to add drama and excitement to the dance floor.

  • The specific design feature of uplighting, helps to decorate and add colour to the venue.

  • Creating a unique cocktail for your reception offers a fantastic opportunity to inject fun, personality, and colour to an otherwise traditional aspect of your wedding. Or, provide a variety of colourful fruit such as lemons, limes, raspberries, peaches, and oranges for guests to add to their own beverages.

  • A dessert table overflowing with layers of colour will entice your guests to taste each concoction. Try stacking the table with a multi-tiered wedding cake, macaroons, cupcakes, cake-pops, donuts, ice cream, frosted cookies, and fruit dipped in a bubbling, dark brown, chocolate fountain.

Adding colour to your wedding can infuse your event with energy, drama, personality, excitement, and unexpected moments of bliss. Your family and friends have the opportunity to embark on a colourful journey; a meandering path, paved with a variety of hues, tints and shades. 

Whether you choose bright, bold colours or soft, subdued hues, your choices will speak to your guests’ souls in a thousand different ways.

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